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After a user completes a form, you can create a Submit button configured to instantly send the form by email.

  1. With your form in Design view, click in the area of the form you wish to add the Submit button.
  2. Display the Controls task pane and click the Button control, which places the button in the form.
  3. Double-click the button to launch its properties. On the General tab, the default Action setting is Rules and Custom Code, which is not what we want.

  4. Change the Action drop down box to Submit.

  5. Now click the Submit Options button to launch the Submit Options dialog box.

  6. Click the Allow users to submit this form option.

  7. In the Data Connections widow, click the Add button to add a data connection.

  8. In the Data Connection Wizard, choose Create a new connection to as well as Submit Data and click Next.

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