I will add later a way to this more dynamically

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There are two easy ways that I know of to get a list GUID.  One way to get the GUID is through the url of some of the list settings:

  • Go to List Settings
  • Click on one of the bottom links in either the General Settings or Permissions and Management categories (Rating settings, Audience targeting settings, Generate file plan report, Information management policy settings, etc)
  • Grab the GUID out of the url of that page (http://sitename/_layouts/MetaNavSettings.aspx?List={b569deaa-ea4a-4655-b6ad-6aa47fada6d8}

The other easy way is to open up that list in SharePoint Designer, when you click on a list there will be a panel called “List Information”.  In this panel the GUID is displayed next to the “List ID:” heading.

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