Jeroen van Ree

When doing management on the SharePoint 2010 environment I found an error message stating:

Insufficient SQL database permissions for user ‘Name: SID: ImpersonationLevel: Impersonation’ in database ‘SharePoint_Config’ on SQL Server instance ‘’. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.

The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object ‘proc_GetProductVersions’, database ‘SharePoint_Config’, schema ‘dbo’.

In order to fix this issue the follwing has to be done:

  1. In the database server, expand SharePoint Config database and naviage to Programmability/Stored Procedures/dbo.proc_GetProductVersions using SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Right click on the above stored procedure and select Properties.
  3. On the popup screen, select Permissions on the left and click Search button.
  4. On the new popup screen, click Search, select [WSS_Content_Application_Pools] database role and click OK.
  5. Select Execute permissions.
  6. Click OK again.

No restart needed. This fixed the issue for me.

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