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Does sharepoint 2013 support iPad? That was a question in the Forums http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sharepointdevpreview/thread/8f595df1-b137-4bf0-87d0-6bb06356fc9d which I replied that I will provide screen shots of how SharePoint 2013 look like on iPad in addition to iPhone and some info as well.

SharePoint 2013 UI is written in HTML5, and in addition to the standard client support options, full support is also planned for the Safari browser on the Apple iPad. Users can browse, contribute and edit documents directly from iPads. There is also a new Channels capability which allows easy mapping of pages and web parts to devices, allowing the experience to be tailored for different devices. The vast majority of organizations have iPads in their ecosystem and are considering mobile experiences for web content. These capabilities are a huge benefit for mobile access, and in many cases they eliminate the need for complex development or the use (and additional cost) of third party applications.

I think that native iOS support will be a key driver for organizations considering moving quickly to upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to the new version.

Below you will see I switched to PC view for better UI, used here Custom List, and created new item, best part is that I created a word document from Documents Library, and was able to create, edit and save the document all from my iPad which is really good.