Yaaa you may be asking what’s been a long time about… it is about posting on my blog, tell you the truth, it needs time & I am soooO busy. Other than this sometimes I lose the motivation of posting but never lost it to discover everything new about SharePoint 😉 no never will I.

Adding to this, I want to post valuable information in a v professional way to reach the idea to all the people.

So at least I share what I think may help someone out there. I receive lots of questions mostly through email or facebook chat or through group, I answer whenever I have free time, but I keep blaming myself if I am busy to answer ya I do.

I really want to post what people need and what they are struggling on, and what they are searching for and can’t find it but come on, the Internet is full of information but is it what you are looking for, sometimes yes & sometimes no.

Definitely I love being unique, I think I am but talking here now about Blogging about SharePoint.

So in this post I want to hear from everyone in the comments, what are you struggling in regarding SharePoint .. I hope your questions will be about 2013 .. J come on, if you are still on 2007 or earlier, please hide somewhere 😉 if it is 2010 I will forgive you, if it is 2013, please ask immediately J

This will help you and help everyone .. I will approve the comments once I see it and reply to it too.

Not to mention, if you want a video so you think it will be easier for you to solve your problem, mention it & I can explain in a video rather than in a post or both J

Good Luck SharePointers and waiting your comments… J