I always liked the 3 border colors in the Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2010 but it doesn’t exists anymore in SharePoint 2013.

I had an article from 2 years talking about the 3 colors [Green, Yellow, Red] Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2010

Well not that Microsoft removed feature from it but Microsoft added more features to the developer dashboard, I just think those colors were nice to have L

Anyway so what did Microsoft added to the Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2013?

  1. Dedicated tab to view ULS logs for specific requests,
  2. Opening in a separate window with no risk of affecting rendering of actual page,
  3. Additional information included for request analyzing,
  4. View cumulative requests not only the last request,
  5. Scopes tabs showing you an easy to read progress performance bar,
  6. SPRequests in separate tab to easily diagnose leaked SP Requests.

Copied those features from this Blog, Author: eImagine SharePoint Team

I think the reason they removed the colors, is that it opens in a new window, may be, but even though it can still exists in new window if they want to.

How to enable or disable the Developer Dashboard, nothing new here, it is still the same way:

  1. Either PowerShell,
  2. Command promot,
  3. Programmatically

All 3 different ways are explained here: http://maiomardesouki.com/category/sharepoint-2010/developer-dashboard/

Enjoy SharePointing J