I am really so excited & proud to be part of SP24 J

Check out all sessions here: https://www.sp24conf.com/2014-1/Conf/LobbyPages/AllSessions.aspx     

Below is an email from the SP24 Team:

– We already have over 6000 registered attendees from over 100 countries around the globe.
– The conference has an enormous 100+ sessions covering both business and technical.
– It’s entirely on-line.
– It’s completely FREE for all attendees.
– The platform has been developed entirely using SharePoint Foundation 2013 hosted by Fpweb.net.

So if you want to learn from some of the best SharePoint speakers in the world, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Login at : https://www.sp24conf.com/  
2. Head on over to https://www.sp24conf.com/2014-1/Conf/ and select the sessions you want to see using the “Session Planner”.
We would love it if you updated your profile picture to use on the site.  And don’t forget to fill in your feedback forms (you will see those during the sessions in the session resources tab.
3. Checkout the Conference Guide

What can I do at SP24?

Session Rooms…

All speakers will present in their own session rooms. As an attendee you will be able to enjoy any session, chat with other attendees, see recommended reading that the speaker has shared and read the tweets. To get you used to the feel of a session room, the SP24 Team are currently streaming live from the SP24 “War Room” in Leeds, UK. Check it out here : https://www.sp24conf.com/2014-1/Conf/SP24/ConfPages/SessionRoom.aspx

Social Room…

Why not pop into the social room during the build up and during the conference ? https://www.sp24conf.com/2014-1/Conf/LobbyPages/LobbyChat.aspx


– The site uses some fairly new (and cool technology) so please ensure you use IE9+, Firefox 28+ and Chrome 34+ This will give you the best experience. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the site will behave on mobiles or apple/android tablets.

– The conference will be using Google Hangouts and YouTube Live, so please ensure that you can get access to YouTube from the place where you are watching. If you are at work, REMEMBER to get permission or access via a link that allows You Tube :0

That’s all folks, we really hope to see you VERY SOON at SP24!

SP24 Team