To my SharePointers fans,

From a work perspective only J for my SharePointers fans, you have the right to know where am I, cuz during SharePoint Saturdays I had lots of fans and people attending and following me.. you don’t need to worry about that.. I am still around and will keep supporting you.

I resigned from Etisalat Dubai & now working in Vodafone Egypt. First, I moved from Infusion to Etisalat Dubai.. but I am not fan of working in a comfort environment & that was Etisalat.. yes I am not that person that made me feel I am over qualified to Etisalat environment, it’s not bad environment no definitely I will not say this but it’s just so comfort! That I see myself won’t gain much experience if not losing!!

I really needed a big but huge SharePoint environment to fulfill my passion, this huge move is because I am following my passion towards my work & I don’t see anything better than following my passion which means I love what I do but its v important to do it in the right place.

I changed my career path from Senior Developer to Senior Administrator, it’s time to stop writing code, yup enough J 7 years of coding, either to go to a Managerial path or a more technical path like Senior Administrator in Vodafone International Services in Second line of Service Operational Support for the second world wide huge SharePoint environment.

I took challenges & risks more than you can imagine, I became stronger at work, hard worker, positive, taking risks & decisions” yup learned hard and lots but never thought for a minute it’s enough, it’s always a start for what’s next.. moreover I learned from experts & experience people but sometimes youngers have good knowledge too & I am always opened to learn from everyone is how I became NOW J

I loved the way work environment was in Infusion, stylish, but wild, strong but we had lots of fun too, deadlines were accurate, everyone listens, your suggestion can be done not just will it be a suggestion forever. You can say I learned from the BEST.”

“I was surprised when my boss in Vodafone, told me, hey I am your co-worker, don’t take it as a boss, we both have to prove ourselves at the end.” it was a rare sentence in Egypt to hear but it was coming from deep inside, from that moment, I knew I was sure I am in the right environment!

Why not return to Dubai but not now at all!! I am enjoying my new work environment & want to explore every piece there, the passion is what not stopping me, not to mention my home is not near at all to Vodafone, but luckily they provide transportation, which you may think what a waste of time but that if you are sitting like this, On the way to work, I do lots of SharePoint & non SharePoint readings & more like blogging, answering forums, preparing my powerpoints for my next sessions, that gave me time to do a lot.



Infusion J


Currently Vodafoner J