I am extremely excited to announce that SP24 Rewound is currently in progress so if you want to learn from some of the best SharePoint speakers in the world, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Login at: https://www.sp24conf.com

2. Select the sessions you want to see using the “Session Planner”.

We would love it if you updated your profile picture to use on the site. And don’t forget to fill in your feedback forms (you will see those during the sessions in the session resources tab)

3. Checkout the Conference Guide http://sharepointcollective.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=69f0b675f0515838e12fdf3b9&id=82ff497663&e=8d6f1cfa4e


Why “Rewound”?

SP24 was a huge success but we had some some unfinished business:

Most important of all, you wanted to see the sessions again!! Unless you are super-human, it’s very unlikely that you got to see all 100 + sessions the first time around. So we have swapped the agenda and shifted the start time to give you another bite at the cherry (see the links below, log on and get registering for those sessions you want to see!).

We also wanted to improve a few things, like removing trailers and making sure the ads didn’t stop you getting to a session you wanted quickly.

We never got time to share all of the documents and slides the first time around, so we want fix that this time around (where possible).

Hope you enjoy it.