Dear SharePoint Fellows,

This is to support you even better & faster, if you are reading this, properly you are one of the 4 or 5 daily calls/Facebook chat/Skype calls that I receive & to make it easier for you & me, I made a tiny weekly plan for both of us J

I decided to make a public Consultation call for 30 min on Sundays & once per week, it can be 1 to 1 or many to 1 [I am the one J], I didn’t say what hour but we can chat 1 day in advance to arrange accordingly, I am just trying to be flexible.

In scope:

This SharePoint Consultation call is basically to answer any type of SharePoint questions… yes any.

Out of scope:

I am not going to write for you a piece of code, or control your machine over remote desktop to solve a configuration issue… because this needs time & it’s only 30min.

Way of contact me: