Ok first there is millions of posts over the internet if you just search google, so what am I adding? I am here basically and only talking about SharePoint C.Vs

Dear SharePoint fellows;

  1. It is called SharePoint. As you can the “S” & “P” are capital
  2. No Space in the word “SharePoint”
  3. Put your title at the top of the C.V, don’t make the HR look for the current job to know your title! Make it easy seen.
    1. Some HRs doesn’t care about your technical skills but looks for your title if that’s the one she/he needs to call you and book appointment for you with the technical person.
  4. Your email should be professional like your suit.
    1. Don’t put names like “bobos”, “kity”, “toti” but instead put either full name or first and second like mai_omar_86@live.com
      J that’s mine.
  5. If you are applying for job like SharePoint, and if you once worked as accountant in the beginning of your life, don’t let the HR know about that.
    1. What does accountant has to do with SharePoint, but if you were a technical support that is okay to mention.
  6. The certificate logos are hard to be aligned as each has its word, big and small so it’s difficult to align them.
    1. What you can do, just write the certificate title, those is fair enough
  7. Your C.V should have any projects you did, if you say you have experience, don’t just write the product name!
    1. If you are fresh graduate, didn’t had the chance to do a project, tell us about the web parts you created as an example or may be workflows.
  8. If you want to put a picture, put one only one with handsome suit and tie, for ladies be formal.
  9. Align your C.V, align the text, titles and the paragraphs, add tables with no borders if required to be aligned.
  10. Please use the same font style with 3 different sizes maximum.
  11. Use 2 colors, for borders only and not for the content, like background is white and border is black or dark blue or brown but definitely not red!

So far just stick to this, should be ok.

BTW if you think, I missed something, add it in a comment to this post, would be thankful.