The event is on 5 Oct 2013 from 8 AM to 5 PM in Abu Dhabi. Once venue is published by the organizer, will update this post so save the link & make sure you check it again this week.

My session will be about “Automate variations for SharePoint 2013”

The whole session will be about what to write in PowerShell Script & C# to automate variation.

I will show a demo & provide tools to make it easier too.

Session description: SharePoint Variations gives a Multilingual SharePoint sites which allows copying sites and content from the source variation label to one or more target variation labels. The real value from this session is to fasten your deployment, make it reliable, stable, faster & easier to do with some lines of PowerShell Scripts. In this session we will learn the best practice when it comes to deployment with Variations. First we will write code in C# & convert it to PowerShell for Variations. Will show a demo for the whole process for SharePoint 2013 Variations from scratch till the end by keeping an eye on the Variation Jobs from PowerShell Scripts. You will know the Tips & Tricks for the variation including settings, configuring variation, creating labels & creating hierarchies; all from PowerShell, finally it is important to know the best practices for working with variations and with deploying it.