Viva Engage. What non-work communities Are there! BRAINSTORMING



It is always confusion. I hear you. When to use TEAMs and when to use Yammer.

And hold, who is using Yammer. Oh there is a lot. But honestly not like TEAMs.

Alright, so what communities may we create to engage employees in Yammer and definitely make sure that still they do not leave TEAMs behind! take care of that.

Let us brainstorm examples/scenarios: and please feel free to add more in the comments:

1- Employees for example, selling something they do not need anymore, rather than using dubbizle or Olx, users can share it with the organization on Yammer.

–> I had a customer, whom had a user selling a swimming pool. Someone else in the same organization, was interested to purchase it. [It is a collaboration on non work stuff].

2- Parenting stuff, example, you send your kids for training, piano or Tennis, or even swimming, you think this a nice place or club out there, you share with the organization.

–> You want to expand your network in the organization you work in, why not bring kids with your BOSS’s / Co-worker’s kids and from here built a network.

3- Marathon .. honestly a lot of people participate to motivate themselves and to take care of their health.

–> I participated once in Marathon, with Infusion [ex-employer] co-workers, it was a lot of fun.

4- Offers in schools for this organization specifically. Ya why not.

5- Let us go a little bit beyond, Something in common between Organizations, example: “Contoso” and “Litware”, amazing we can do external sharing network in Yammer to share and collaborate with another organization through Yammer. You don’t really have to invite them through your tenant or so at all.

–> They could be same industry. They could be your contractor outsourcing organization.

6- Usually, Yammer is the best tool for CEO announcements, to reach the whole organization. Why? because by default in Yammer, there is a community called “All Company”. Everyone is a member in it.

OneDrive for Business on-Prem


, ,

Nothing new to be honest, but I found it weird for whom yet are not aware of this info.

So I will write about it…

Yes we have OneDrive for Business on-Prem, yet there is definitely the cloud one too.

And I’m not talking about any hybrid model over here.

So what does OneDrive for Business on-Prem requires or lets say, what are the pre-requisites?

1- SharePoint, yes SharePoint is a must.

2- And it is mandatory to configure the user profile service application and sync users from domain.

3- That’s it. I told you; nothing new. ya and do not try it with System Account! it has to be a user, not service account or farm account.

But I noticed a typo in SharePoint, as I was provisioning my user profile, it said, One Drive for Business on Cloud, listen, you may have your SharePoint on-prem and your One Drive for Business on Microsoft 365, doable.

But again I’m here only on-Prem! nothing cloud, this screen shot for OneDrive for Business ON-PREM.

By now, I hope everyone would be aware of it.

Now Power Platform has a conference on its own! and it will be annual event

This is big! or at least, it says Microsoft is focusing and bringing the attention for everyone to Power Platform.

A huge conference is being announced in Orlando, Florida on September 20, 2022 called Microsoft Power Platform Conference!/

Microsoft is sponsoring it and will be held in person. Oh finally, people shall gather.

Come and get inspired by Microsoft’s senior thought leaders, software engineers, and community experts who are focused on uniting humanity and technology. You’ll also have the chance to hear from users that solve real business problems daily. Our fantastic speakers are ready to share their insights on how to accelerate and transform your business with Power Platform.

This one-of-a-kind event is dedicated to Microsoft Power Platform products including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages, and Power Virtual Agents.

Microsoft Viva Family are really growing rapidly


By now. we have. Microsoft Viva;

1- Topics

2- Insights

3- Connections

4- Learning

5- Goals

6- Engage

7- and Sales [In Preview]

Viva Topics automatically organizes content and expertise across your organization, making it easy for people to find information and put knowledge to work.

If you were to ask me, Viva Insights is the most powerful one. Is how I see it.

Viva Insights includes a Microsoft Teams app and web features and tools that help people and businesses thrive with data-driven, privacy-protected insights, and recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.

  • Personal insights – Get personal insights that only you can see. Insights about how you work and what you might change to do your best work, such as in Viva Insights in Teams, in a Briefing email in Outlook, or in your personal Dashboard. Get useful recommendations, such as protecting time in the day for regular breaks, focused work, and learning that help improve wellbeing and boost productivity.
The Home page makes it easy to start the other Viva Insights features. You can reach some features on the top menu and others within the Home page.
You can also open a web-based Viva Insights at You can also open Viva Insights through the Microsoft 365 App Launcher menu at
  • Manager insights – Manager insights give much-needed visibility into work patterns that might lead to burnout and stress. These include regular after-hours work, meeting overload, or too little focus time. Managers and team leads can use these insights to help their teams strike a balance between productivity and wellbeing.
  • Leader insights – Leader insights help business leaders see how their work culture is effecting their organizational resiliency and boosting employee engagement. Leaders can use the recommendations on the Outcomes page to see opportunities where a change could improve their business outcomes.
  • Advanced insights – Similar to Leader insights, Advanced insights can also help business leaders address critical questions about organizational resiliency and work culture with insight into how work impacts their people and their business. Leaders can see opportunities where a change in process could improve business outcomes and take steps to protect employee wellbeing.
  • Data privacy – Learn how Viva Insights complies with applicable laws and regulations and how to protect and keep personal data private.

Socialize in a modern way, or we can say through Viva Connections, it is your gateway to a modern employee experience designed to keep everyone engaged and informed. Viva Connections is a customizable app in Microsoft Teams that gives everyone a personalized destination to discover relevant news, conversations, and the tools they need to succeed.

Built on existing capabilities in Microsoft 365 like SharePoint, TEAMS, Yammer, and Stream.

Honestly, my favorite one 🙂 Microsoft Viva Learning, it empowers employees to make learning a natural part of the day by bringing learning into the flow of work within the tools and platforms they already use. Discover, share, and track learning across a variety of sources from a center of learning in Microsoft Teams.

It is my learning hub ever! Love it.

Viva Learning makes it easy to create learning and growing opportunities for your organization without the need to step away from the communication tools you already use.

Talking about Microsoft Viva Goals; It is a goal-alignment solution that connects teams to your organization’s strategic priorities, unites them around your mission and purpose, and drives business results.

To do this, Microsoft Viva Goals applies the power of the objectives and key results (OKR) framework.

Allow me to add a bit of details here:

What are OKRs and Why are They Important?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is a popular goal setting framework for teams or organizations to define measurable goals and track the progress and success of the work towards achieving those goals.

OKRs are broken down into a formula: We will _____ (Objective; what is to be achieved) as measured by ____ (Key Result; benchmark and monitor how we achieve the Objective).

Objectives should be written clearly, be action-oriented, and inspirational. They can be organization-wide or team-wide. Key Results are specific, time-bound and measurable.

Each OKR in Viva Goals contains a progress bar that displays the last identified progress. Viva Goals assesses progress in 2 ways: Actual and Expected.

Because Viva Goals is a part of Microsoft Viva, it integrates into the employee experience, empowering teams to be their best from anywhere.

Microsoft Viva Engage is a social app for digital communities, conversations, and self-expression tools that builds on the existing capabilities of the Communities app for Teams and Microsoft 365 to connect employees and empower everybody to contribute and express themselves by meeting people where they are in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. And as an integral part of the Microsoft Viva suite, Viva Engage contributes to Viva Connections and Viva Topics and over time will extend community, conversation, and knowledge experiences into other areas of Viva.

Viva Engage will be an automatic update for all users that have the Communities App in Teams already installed or pinned in Teams.

In Regards to Microsoft Viva Sales: it is a seller experience application that uses Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to automatically capture, access, and register data into any customer relationship management (CRM) system. It eliminates manual data entry and gives sellers more time to focus on selling. By enriching the data set with customer engagement data from Microsoft 365 and the power of AI, Viva Sales empowers sellers with sales intelligence that helps them deeply understand their customers for faster deal closure. Viva Sales is designed to help sellers boost productivity, lighten workloads, save time, and help salespeople sell more.

So what about the License

While in public preview, Viva Sales is available at no additional charge to organizations that use Microsoft 365 and Teams. You must have valid credentials for Dynamics 365 or Salesforce® CRM to try out the full public preview experience. When Viva Sales is made generally available, you’ll need a valid license to use it.

Learn more about Microsoft Viva Sales

Parenting Meetings, It’s critical

I’m a mother of Twins Girls. Despite how busy I am but I never missed a parents meeting at my kids school or the nursery because I always learn something new about them, their needs .. ideas to handle tantrums & more, which always results in a better quitter understanding life with the twins.

One of the meetings at school lately, 4 teachers & the Leader were there for the parents for 1 hour.

They asked the parents two questions

1- Were you [the parents] happy or sad at school time?

2- Were you [the parents] happy or sad at home time?

And they started to talk about it more, why were the parents sad or happy, here are few answers I remember from parents said so;

1- I had a teacher that was always shouting so I hate school

2- Our home have difficult rules so I hate home

3- We travelled a lot so barely made friends at school because I was forced to change school

4- I had a friendly teacher & play area so I loved school

5- I had so many toys & my mother used to play with me & cook delicious food so I loved home

6- Others said they loved the break time at school.

7- To be honest, I said, I loved the drawing session in school only. As we used to draw in the garden and not inside the class, we used to use our imagination to draw what we see.

And more and more from parents that when you hear them, I’m like wow we can still remember the good and bad times! Oh after all these years, I remember when I was young at school & what I loved & what I hated … & at home too.

The teachers said, thank you but now you as parent, what are you doing to make sure your child is happy at home and school so when they grow up like us, they would remember their life when they were little, was it happy days or was it sad days?

As a parent, how do you want your kids to remember the time you spent at home with them, shouting? Watching TV and ignoring your kids? Or caring and chatting and sharing problems and trying to solve it? Or were they hiding it? Or were they wait for you to leave home and go to work so they feel free!? Really as a parent what do you wish your kids to remember you by? Whether in Home or in School?? Are you a supportive parent? Do you hug them? Do you kiss them good night? do you read a story? Do you know their favorite friends? Do your kids call you when you are late? Do they say we miss you and love you?

How do you want your kids to remember those days when they were little?

When the World Says No

In my vacation, I love to go back to my library and read a book that has nothing to do with day to day work.

Here is a small story when the World says No.

“Henry Ward Beecher was a young boy in school when he learned a lesson in self-confidence which he never forgot. He was called upon to recite in front of the class. He had hardly begun when the teacher interrupted with an emphatic, ‘No!’ He started again, and again the teacher thundered, ‘NO!’ Humiliated, Henry sat down.

The next boy rose to recite and had just begun when the teacher shouted, ‘No!’ this student, however, kept on with the recitation until he completed it. As he sat down, the teacher responded, ‘Very good!’.

Henry was irritated. ‘I recited just as he did’, he complained to the teacher. but the instructor replied, ‘It is not enough to know your lesson, you must be sure. When you allowed me to stop you, it meant that you were uncertain. If the entire World says, “No!” it is your business to say, “Yes!” and prove it.’

The world says, ‘No!’ in a thousand ways:

‘No! You can’t do that.’

‘No! You are wrong.’

‘No! You are too old.’

‘No! You are too young.’

‘No! You are too weak.’

‘No! It will never work.’

‘No! You don’t have the education.’

‘No! You don’t have the background.’

‘No! You don’t have the money.’

‘No! It can’t be done.’

And each ‘No!’ you hear has the potential to erode your confidence bit by bit until you give up altogether.

So Do not let the world sculpture your self confidence No Matter What!.

I am not Manager in Microsoft – only Yet.

But I am the manager of my work. I am the manager of my deliveries. Will you ever be a manager of your own work and ruin it !!! Definitely not!.

Here is the thing, I’m supposed to be on vacation but unfortunately I could not finish everything pending before vacation especially vacations in my calendar are planned year ahead as I learnt as a mother of twins for beautiful little princess girls Roussel and Sophia … to plan my vacation with their school time off so we can have some fun together. Even if in home or little outing or meeting their friends and our family…. what so ever.

But being manager of my work, I take full responsibility of each and every pending action and task and pending mails and meetings. but at least it is a slow down in vacation, but still …….. needed really.

Enjoying my vacation … hopefully and teaching the little girls some rules in life to help them be good girls 🙂 With few meetings with our amazing customers.

SharePoint Online is not enough!

You can’t just know SharePoint and think this is it! It just doesn’t work, you need to ramp up on Teams as they work together just perfect so add Teams to your skills, its necessary.

Add Power Platform too, you will need to create apps & automate a cycle and have a dashboard and who does not have a Bot nowadays! 

Remember SharePoint Online is not enough! 

Filter GetItems in Power Automate by People Picker Field

So very simple character that does the trick of it… if you are trying to filter Items from a SharePoint List using Get Items Action in Power Automate and your field is of type People Picker, so here is how to do so…

Write the Field Name and then back slash EMail as per screen shot below and voila works.

I have seen other posts trying to add filter array but actually you don’t need to complicate things.

Happy SharePointing and Automating 🙂

Turn on ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive & Teams

In the previous post, we saw how it looks like and what happens when a malicious files are detected in a SharePoint Library and OneDrive.

In this post, we will walk through turning ATP on for SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.

1- Go to Security Admin Center, under Thread Management, click on Policy,

2- Start by clicking Create to create a new policy.

3- Follow the steps for the policy, in the settings, choose to block all,

4- Once the policy created, select it and select Global settings;

5- By default, the policy will have ATP turned on for SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.