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SharePoint Saturday Dubai is Back on 30 July, I am doing 2 sessions


Looks like I will be doing 2 sessions this time, hope you Enjoy Winking smile

Well I will be talking about:

1st Session Integration between SharePoint 2010 with CRM 2011
@ 10am Dubai Time
2nd Session Monitoring SharePoint 2010
@ 3pm Dubai Time

So if you are coming, kindly register here:

Event Details

Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2010 for ‘SharePoint Saturday’, on Saturday, July 30th, 2011 in the Microsoft Dubai Office. SharePoint Saturday will be an educational, informative & lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals, covering a wide variety of SharePoint-oriented topics. SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint!



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SharePoint 2010 vs SharePoint 2007 Security and Permissions: Are they the same?

Are they the same? so let’s contribute about this question, I want to hear your experience …. what do you think? same?

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Featured Series of Posts on Branding Options in SharePoint 2010:

I found this good series on David Blog, and I want it to keep as reference to me and to anyone needs it. Thanks David.

0. SP 2010 Branding Options: Master Pages vs. Themes: Overview
Why I prefer custom master pages over custom themes in SP 2010

1. SP 2010 Branding Options: Master Pages vs. Themes: Part 1
Attaching an alternate style sheet to the master page using the browser’s UI

2. SP 2010 Branding Options: Master Pages vs. Themes: Part 2
Attaching an alternate style sheet to the master page using SPD 2010

2.1 SP 2010 Branding Options: Master Pages vs. Themes: Part 2.1
How to edit the master page to add a custom logo and a favicon with SharePoint Designer 2010

3. SP 2010 Branding Options: Master Pages vs. Themes: Part 3
Adding a footer to your custom master page using SharePoint Designer 2010

4. History of SharePoint Branding: 2007 to 2010
A tribute to Heather Solomon’s legendary blog posts on MOSS 2007 themes and master pages

5. SharePoint 2010 CSS: List of Useful Styles

SharePoint 2010 Overview

SharePoint Online Overview

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SharePoint 2010 Communities FAQ


Question: I don’t want all my users to create mysites and/or use social features. How can I accomplish this?
Answer: The “Manage User Permissions” link (under “People” category) in the User Profile Service Application’s Central Admin page provides ACLs to accomplish this.
Question: How can I delete a tag or note from the system?
Answer: If someone leaves you a note on your profile, you can directly delete it from the profile page itself. For a noteboard on a team site, a user with full control permissions can delete notes directly. A user profile admin can also delete tags and notes from the user profile service application’s central admin page, by using the link “Manage Social Tags and Notes” at the bottom of the page.
Question: I’d like to create different profiles, for example for a full time employee vs interns. How can I accomplish this.
2010 has a new concept of ‘sub-types’. These sub-types can be used to selectively use existing or custom properties for different types of user profiles.

Question: Why is there nothing showing in anyone’s Newsfeed?
By default, the timer jobs which fill in this information are disabled. You need to enable the Activity Feed Job and the Activity Feed Cleanup Job for data to appear here. Please refer to the planning documentation for complete information about this.

Question: I did what you said earlier, but now there’s no Tags or Notes in the Newsfeed. What’s happening?
Tags and Notes (as well as a few other things) are Security Trimmed in the Newsfeed. This relies on Search, so if Search has not run recently you will not get the right data. After completing a Search Crawl, people will be able to see Tags and Notes in the Newsfeed.

Question: A user’s name has changed in AD and in their User Profile, but it is still the old one in the Welcome menu on sites. Why?
You need to run the User Profile to SharePoint Full Synchronization timer job to bring data from a user’s User Profile into the sites that they visit.

Question: My users get “there was an error creating your personal site” and no further details when I try to create a My Site, what happened?
Check whether there is a root site collection on your Web App. You need this in order for Self Service Site Creation to function properly.

Question: I have two web apps, one legacy and one using Claims, and the My Site Host is on the legacy web app. Can Claims users use My Sites?
Not in this configuration. If you have multiple auth modes, in order for all users to use the same My Site Host you need to have it on a multi-auth Web App.

Question: How can I customize the My Network page?
As an end user, you can’t. This page exists on the My Site Host, which is shared with all users, and as a result individual users are unable to edit it. You are the owner of your My Site (under the My Content link) and you have full control over that page.

Question: People’s pictures look weird in the noteboard and other places, what is going on?
After upgrading you need to run the update-spprofilephotostore cmdlet. This will convert users’ photos to three thumbnails that are the correct size for the various web parts and controls. It is also possible for users of 14 to set their pictures through the OM to pictures that are the wrong size. This situation can be solved with the same cmdlet.

Question: I had a theme on my My Site, but after upgrade it’s gone. What happened?
Themes do not upgrade from 2007 to 2010. There are many themes available in Site Settings.

Question: I chose to use Visual Upgrade and leave all my sites with their old Look and Feel, but the My Sites changed their Look and Feel anyway. Why?
Due to deep changes in the My Sites for 2010, My Sites and My Site Hosts will upgrade to the new Look and Feel no matter what.

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ASP.NET Multiline TextBox using jQuery

Oh my god, spend few hours trying to clear ASP.Net TextBoxes using JQuery and yes Done but when it comes with TextMode=”MultiLine” I was searching on net and my head, couldn’t believe it, what’s wrong and then found an Article told me what’s wrong…

<html xmlns=””&gt;

<head id=”Head1″ runat=”server”>

<title>Limit Characters in a Multiline TextBox</title>

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’’></script&gt;

<script type=”text/javascript”>

$(function() {

var limit = 50;

$(‘textarea[id$=tb1]’).keyup(function() {

var len = $(this).val().length;

if (len > limit) {

this.value = this.value.substring(0, limit);


$(‘#spn).text(limit – len + ” characters left”);






<form id=”form1″ runat=”server”>


<asp:TextBox ID=”tb1″ runat=”server” TextMode=”MultiLine”/><br />

<span id=”spn “></span>





The Best Part is Below:

Observe how we are selecting the control using textarea in the code shown above $(‘textarea[id$=tb1]’). This is as the ASP.NET Multiline TextBox renders as a textarea.

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SharePoint 2010 Firestarter – 7 Videos

Microsoft kicked off the new year with the SharePoint 2010 Firestarter event. This all-day, in-person event was held in Redmond, WA and streamed online. The speaker line-up included Office and collaboration experts. Watch the recorded sessions and gain a strong understanding of how SharePoint fits with different pieces of technology that you use every day.