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Date: April 12th 2014

Time: 10:00 AM (GMT +4)

Location: Online

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I really wonder if it ever worked with anyone!

SharePoint 2010 was supporting the In-place upgrade, the only advantage I see from this is reducing the required number of environments ya but you still have to take backup right?

SharePoint installation is smooth yes but upgrade is not unless your environment is empty! So who would do In-place upgrade for SharePoint!! And what if it failed as always I believe, you will have to start new environment from scratch … that will be sweet times J .. I am just laughing at that.

In-place upgrade already have problems mainly and importantly is performance issues.

Microsoft realized this, oh thank god! And decided to remove it from SharePoint 2013.

In case you are reading this and don’t know what is In-place upgrade means; read below:

“An upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Foundation 2010 provides an option to install the new version over the earlier version on the same hardware. This is called an in-place upgrade. During this process, the complete installation, that includes databases and sites, is upgraded in a fixed order. Although this is a simple method, in-place upgrade presents problems in performance and control for a farm administrator. There was no way to control the order in which content is upgraded, and a failure in a particular site collection could stop the whole process.”

SharePoint 2013 does not support In-place upgrade

So the supported and recommended upgrade is the database-attach upgrade.

The database-attach upgrade method offers more flexibility, more control, and a better success rate.

To use a database attach upgrade, you will need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Create and configure a new farm that is separate from the old farm
  2. Copy the content and services databases to the new farm
  3. Upgrade the data and sites

You can upgrade the content databases in any order and upgrade several databases at the same time to speed up the overall process.

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I am speaking in Abu Dhabi SharePoint Saturday

The event is on 5 Oct 2013 from 8 AM to 5 PM in Abu Dhabi. Once venue is published by the organizer, will update this post so save the link & make sure you check it again this week.

My session will be about “Automate variations for SharePoint 2013”

The whole session will be about what to write in PowerShell Script & C# to automate variation.

I will show a demo & provide tools to make it easier too.

Session description: SharePoint Variations gives a Multilingual SharePoint sites which allows copying sites and content from the source variation label to one or more target variation labels. The real value from this session is to fasten your deployment, make it reliable, stable, faster & easier to do with some lines of PowerShell Scripts. In this session we will learn the best practice when it comes to deployment with Variations. First we will write code in C# & convert it to PowerShell for Variations. Will show a demo for the whole process for SharePoint 2013 Variations from scratch till the end by keeping an eye on the Variation Jobs from PowerShell Scripts. You will know the Tips & Tricks for the variation including settings, configuring variation, creating labels & creating hierarchies; all from PowerShell, finally it is important to know the best practices for working with variations and with deploying it.

PowerShell, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Administration

Automate Variations in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell & C#

“Thanks to Waldek Mastykarz for his post, he posted about it but for SP 2010 and only in C#” but then I was able to convert it to Powershell, also thanks to “Eric Soo” for his reply but I was done already but thank you both.”

Let’s Start.. Automating variations settings and configuration so whenever a deployment is needed, you will be ready with your PowerShell scripts.

Manual deployment is time consuming as it is repetitive task, in this post I will let you know how to automate one of those many tasks when it comes to deployment.

SharePoint Variations has a UI which I will show you its steps now;

The steps in this post is for automation of variation in UI, in C# & finally in PowerShell.

  1. Go to “Site Actions” à“Site settings”;
  2. Under “Site collection administration”, click “Variation Settings”,

  3. The code below is in C# for the page above to change or update the “Variation Settings”;

  4. The same code but this time in PowerShell,

  5. Now we need to create labels; go back to “Site Settings”, under “Site Collection Administration” click “Variation Settings”;

  6. I have 2 labels, currently if this is your first time, it will be empty, click now “New Label” (as if you are telling SharePoint List to create new item) since we will do this in the code 😉

  7. Now same code but PowerShell for creating variation labels;

  8. Now to create hierarchies; you should see the labels added as below, click above them “Create Hierarchies”, before creating hierarchies, the values for the labels are “No”,

  9. After creating hierarchies, the values should be yes under “Hierarchy is Created”,
  10. To create Hierarchies in C#,

  11. Now let’s create hierarchies in PowerShell,


    Thank you and please write your comments or in case you have any questions.

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Managing SharePoint with Microsoft System Center

You are all invited!

16:00 – 17:00 Jul 10, 2013

Seats: Unlimited

Description: Best Practices in Virtualizing and Managing Microsoft SharePoint with Microsoft System Center and Windows Server with Simon Skinner MVP and Mai Omar Desouki

This is a virtual event using Lync.

To register:

SharePoint 2010

Biggest SharePointers gathering @ ESPC – [UAE to Denmark] only 4 SharePoint ;)

I have been thinking what to write about my experience in the ESPC .. but I thought if I kept thinking I will forget and get more busy and won’t write anything which is the thing that happens a lot. So I thought I just open the document and write what I experienced and that will be more from my heart than being arranged in bullets. This is not a technical article anyway.

I was speaker in the ESPC; my session was about “What’s new in the SharePoint Designer 2013” enjoy the slides

European SharePoint Conference @ Conpenhagen … It was my first trip to Europe. Great experience, great adventure.. no matter what, the best part is meeting SharePointers J

The Conference was in a great venue, the organizers did really hard work to make it happen in that way. THANK YOU AGAIN & AGAIN.

Please correct me if I am wrong but really this is the biggest SharePointers gathering I have ever seen, it was always Tech.Ed that have big number of attendees and sessions but it was more than just SharePoint sessions now this one was for SharePointer Lovers only 😉

Great sessions, Impressive keynotes. Around 1500 attended, 78 sponsor, 90 sessions.

SharePointers who really love this product, you will find them; helpful & Volunteer people.. help you find what you need, solves your problem, try to find solution with you and more.. and on top of this they are collaborative people indeed .. it is my experience with most of the conferences & events too.

ESPC Dinner was really amazing gathering, I was really happy to be there, I meet people I only follow them on Twitter or FB or there blogs & who they follow me too, I meet them in person; which is really v nice J and hope to see them again soon.

One Impressive person I have been a year blogging with him Dave Coleman [MS MVP] but never met him, in the conference I had the chance to say hi J

As always best speaker ever Raffel Lukawiecki, this time he had a keynote which is really valuable.

SharePointers Ladies: Agnes Molnar, Erica Toelle & Sonja Madsen.

Actually more and more and more.. people I never knew but was amazing and talented, like Mike Fitzmaurice gorgeous, his experience was really obvious.

I call them my friends, Joel Oleson, Michael Noel, Paul J. Swider, and I hope Bjørn Furuknap doesn’t mind to call him friend too who gave me lots of advices there and I really enjoyed listening to him ” I will do it, I didn’t forget “.

I will not make it long, let me share some pics I have honor to meet those people with me.

If you missed it .. try to don’t miss it next year, it is yearly Europe SharePoint Conference ..

SharePoint 2010

I’m speaking at #ESPC13 on “What’s new in SharePoint Designer 2013”

I’m speaking at #ESPC13 on “What’s new in SharePoint Designer 2013”. Come Join Me 4-7 Feb Copenhagen!

If you have been using SharePoint Designer 2010, then you need to attend this session, Because SharePoint Designer 2013 has lots of enhancements that you will need to be aware of. If you were building Workflows or DVWP, then you need to see the changes, there are big changes and new features in SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows that we will not only talk about but we will see it in a demo.

Waiting to see you all there J