I’m a mother of Twins Girls. Despite how busy I am but I never missed a parents meeting at my kids school or the nursery because I always learn something new about them, their needs .. ideas to handle tantrums & more, which always results in a better quitter understanding life with the twins.

One of the meetings at school lately, 4 teachers & the Leader were there for the parents for 1 hour.

They asked the parents two questions

1- Were you [the parents] happy or sad at school time?

2- Were you [the parents] happy or sad at home time?

And they started to talk about it more, why were the parents sad or happy, here are few answers I remember from parents said so;

1- I had a teacher that was always shouting so I hate school

2- Our home have difficult rules so I hate home

3- We travelled a lot so barely made friends at school because I was forced to change school

4- I had a friendly teacher & play area so I loved school

5- I had so many toys & my mother used to play with me & cook delicious food so I loved home

6- Others said they loved the break time at school.

7- To be honest, I said, I loved the drawing session in school only. As we used to draw in the garden and not inside the class, we used to use our imagination to draw what we see.

And more and more from parents that when you hear them, I’m like wow we can still remember the good and bad times! Oh after all these years, I remember when I was young at school & what I loved & what I hated … & at home too.

The teachers said, thank you but now you as parent, what are you doing to make sure your child is happy at home and school so when they grow up like us, they would remember their life when they were little, was it happy days or was it sad days?

As a parent, how do you want your kids to remember the time you spent at home with them, shouting? Watching TV and ignoring your kids? Or caring and chatting and sharing problems and trying to solve it? Or were they hiding it? Or were they wait for you to leave home and go to work so they feel free!? Really as a parent what do you wish your kids to remember you by? Whether in Home or in School?? Are you a supportive parent? Do you hug them? Do you kiss them good night? do you read a story? Do you know their favorite friends? Do your kids call you when you are late? Do they say we miss you and love you?

How do you want your kids to remember those days when they were little?