A friend today was investigating in this till he solve it, let me name him “Hytham Elabady” Senior Developer @ Allianz J spend quite good time, actually I just didn’t pay attention to this issue but he put it on mind till it worked, I thought I have good RAM so oh no never Time out L but …. It was … anyway find the solution below..

The below solution is for Web Applications and it doesn’t have to be a SharePoint web application 2010 or 2013… what so ever, it is general time out behavior due to that whatever the web application doing in the background, it took more than expected so it timed out.


  1. Open IIS,
  2. Click on Central administration – under sites,
  3. Click on advanced settings,
  4. Increase the “Connection Time-out (seconds), by default it is 120, make it 240 for example, it’s up to you..


    Now create your web application & let me know J