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Nothing new to be honest, but I found it weird for whom yet are not aware of this info.

So I will write about it…

Yes we have OneDrive for Business on-Prem, yet there is definitely the cloud one too.

And I’m not talking about any hybrid model over here.

So what does OneDrive for Business on-Prem requires or lets say, what are the pre-requisites?

1- SharePoint, yes SharePoint is a must.

2- And it is mandatory to configure the user profile service application and sync users from domain.

3- That’s it. I told you; nothing new. ya and do not try it with System Account! it has to be a user, not service account or farm account.

But I noticed a typo in SharePoint, as I was provisioning my user profile, it said, One Drive for Business on Cloud, listen, you may have your SharePoint on-prem and your One Drive for Business on Microsoft 365, doable.

But again I’m here only on-Prem! nothing cloud, this screen shot for OneDrive for Business ON-PREM.

By now, I hope everyone would be aware of it.