It is always confusion. I hear you. When to use TEAMs and when to use Yammer.

And hold, who is using Yammer. Oh there is a lot. But honestly not like TEAMs.

Alright, so what communities may we create to engage employees in Yammer and definitely make sure that still they do not leave TEAMs behind! take care of that.

Let us brainstorm examples/scenarios: and please feel free to add more in the comments:

1- Employees for example, selling something they do not need anymore, rather than using dubbizle or Olx, users can share it with the organization on Yammer.

–> I had a customer, whom had a user selling a swimming pool. Someone else in the same organization, was interested to purchase it. [It is a collaboration on non work stuff].

2- Parenting stuff, example, you send your kids for training, piano or Tennis, or even swimming, you think this a nice place or club out there, you share with the organization.

–> You want to expand your network in the organization you work in, why not bring kids with your BOSS’s / Co-worker’s kids and from here built a network.

3- Marathon .. honestly a lot of people participate to motivate themselves and to take care of their health.

–> I participated once in Marathon, with Infusion [ex-employer] co-workers, it was a lot of fun.

4- Offers in schools for this organization specifically. Ya why not.

5- Let us go a little bit beyond, Something in common between Organizations, example: “Contoso” and “Litware”, amazing we can do external sharing network in Yammer to share and collaborate with another organization through Yammer. You don’t really have to invite them through your tenant or so at all.

–> They could be same industry. They could be your contractor outsourcing organization.

6- Usually, Yammer is the best tool for CEO announcements, to reach the whole organization. Why? because by default in Yammer, there is a community called “All Company”. Everyone is a member in it.